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Behind SportDevs is a team of experienced programmers and enthusiasts who want to deliver a great service to their customers.

We are currently a startup named Startier based in Skopje, North Macedonia and we look forward to expanding our company. The primary focus is set on building, creating and putting existing things in new ways to amplify the benefits from today’s technology. Our goal lays in improving the world using modern computing tools. Data is our power, so that is the reason why we decided that our first big poject will be SportDevs. We are grateful for the opportunity to make working with sports data efficient and therefore easier than ever for our fellow hard-working colleagues / developers, because we value their time and care about their experience.

We know that sports unite people of all races, age and gender and we are passionate about giving back something that will impact the sport community - a chance to access a big amount of accurate sports data in a short time. Hence, we have produced large databases with great architecture. After working hard for over a year, we take pride in the fact that we are one of the world’s biggest sport api providers with data that is reliable, consistent and continuously updated.

You can see more about us on our official website startier.co.

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