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Our Tennis API is a comprehensive platform for accessing various tennis-related data. It includes endpoints for retrieving information about stadiums, match statistics, and players' and teams' data.
The API is updated frequently, with some endpoints refreshed every minute to ensure users can access the latest information.
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what can you build
with our tennis api?
Media Aggregator
Use the media endpoint to aggregate photos and videos related to teams and leagues, creating a rich multimedia experience for fans.
Live Score Display
Create an app or website that shows live scores and updates during tennis matches.
Player Analytics Platform
Develop a platform for detailed analytics on player performances, comparing statistics over various matches and tournaments.
Tennis Match Calendar
Offer a service that provides a calendar of upcoming tennis matches, including match times and arena information.
Match Replay and Highlights
Integrate point-by-point data to create visualizations of match highlights or even replay the match through animated graphics.
Betting Applications
Use the real-time data for betting platforms that require up-to-the-minute information to set odds and take bets.
Some of the odds you can get from
the tennis API
Odd-Even Odds
Users can retrieve odds predicting whether the score of a specific match will end in an odd or even number.
Asian Handicaps
This feature provides odds that offer a handicap to teams or players, typically used to balance the perceived difference in abilities.
Odds Movements
This feature allows tracking the fluctuations in odds, which can indicate changes in public sentiment or reaction to news related to the match.
Bookmakers Information
The API also includes data about the bookmakers offering these odds, such as their popularity and the specific odds provided.
Odds Coverage
Information regarding which matches have odds available and the types of bets covered for each match can also be accessed.
The coverage of all betting types.
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sport coverage
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