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Our Hockey API is a comprehensive platform for accessing various hockey-related data. It includes endpoints for retrieving information about stadiums, match statistics, and players' and teams' data.
The API is updated frequently, with some endpoints refreshed every minute to ensure users can access the latest information.
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what can you build
with our hockey api?
Match Management
With access to schedules, lineups, and standings, create tools for organizers to manage tournaments and leagues more efficiently.
Sports Analytics Platform
Developers can create platforms for in-depth analysis of players and teams, providing statistics and performance metrics that are useful for coaches, scouts, and analysts.
Fantasy Hockey App
Utilize the player statistics and team information to build a fantasy hockey league app where users can create and manage their teams based on real-life performances.
Betting Odds Comparator
Integrate betting odds from various agencies to develop a tool that compares and presents the best odds for different games and outcomes, assisting bettors in making informed decisions.
Hockey News Aggregator
Build a news aggregator that pulls the latest news, updates, and scores from various hockey leagues and tournaments, offering fans a centralized place to stay informed.
Sports Marketing Analysis Tool
Use the API to gather market analysis data, understand fan bases, and create targeted marketing campaigns for sports brands and products.
Some of the odds you can get from
the hockey API
Correct Score Odds
Users can retrieve the odds of predicting the correct score of a game for a specific match ID. This can be accessed for live games or pre-match scenarios.
Double Chance Odds
These odds offer bettors two out of three possible outcomes and are generally lower but safer bets.
First Team to Score Odds
Odds for which team will score the first goal in a match can be accessed.
Goals Handicap Odds
Users can access odds where a handicap is applied to the number of goals scored by a team.
European Handicap Odds
Unlike Goals Handicap, this involves a handicap that can apply to outcomes other than the number of goals.
The coverage of all betting types.
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sport coverage
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